Flora and the Zephyr by John William Waterhouse cross stitch

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This pattern uses:

Type Number Color DMC 223 Shell Pink-LT DMC 300 Mahogany-VY DK DMC 301 Mahogany-MD DMC 310 Black DMC 371 Mustard DMC 400 Mahogany-DK DMC 420 Hazelnut Brown-DK DMC 434 Brown-LT DMC 435 Brown-VY LT DMC 436 Tan DMC 437 Tan-LT DMC 676 Old Gold-LT DMC 677 Old Gold-VY LT DMC 729 Old Gold-MD DMC 738 Tan-VY LT DMC 745 Yellow-LT Pale DMC 779 Cocoa-DK DMC 801 Coffee Brown-DK DMC 815 Garnet-MD DMC 834 Golden Olive-VY LT DMC 919 Red Copper DMC 921 Copper DMC 934 Black Avocado Green DMC 938 Coffee Brown-UL DK DMC 945 Tawny DMC 975 Golden Brown-DK DMC 3045 Yellow Beige-DK DMC 3346 Hunter Green DMC 3371 Black Brown DMC 3685 Mauve-DK DMC 3721 Shell Pink-DK DMC 3771 Terra Cotta-UL VY LT DMC 3828 Hazelnut Brown DMC 3829 Old Gold-VY DK DMC 3856 Mahogany-UL VY LT

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