George Stubbs - A couple of fox hounds

George Stubbs cross stitch

A couple of fox hounds

dmc cross stitch

a couple of fox hounds, george stubbs

aida dmc cross stitch pattern

counted x stitch fox hounds

This pattern uses the following cross stitch supplies:

Type Number Color DMC 161 Gray Blue DMC 168 Pewter-VY LT DMC 310 Black DMC 317 Pewter Gray DMC 414 Steel Gray-DK DMC 415 Pearl Gray DMC 436 Tan DMC 451 Shell Gray-DK DMC 453 Shell Gray-LT DMC 645 Beaver Gray-VY DK DMC 647 Beaver Gray-MD DMC 712 Cream DMC 762 Pearl Gray-VY LT DMC 779 Cocoa-DK DMC 822 Beige Gray-LT DMC 823 Navy Blue-DK DMC 844 Beaver Brown-UL DK DMC 930 Antique Blue-DK DMC 931 Antique Blue-MD DMC 934 Black Avocado Green DMC 975 Golden Brown-DK DMC 3031 Mocha Brown-VY DK DMC 3072 Beaver Gray-VY LT DMC 3371 Black Brown DMC 3756 Baby Blue-UL VY LT DMC 3765 Peacock Blue-VY DK DMC 3782 Mocha Brown-LT DMC 3787 Brown Gray-DK DMC 3799 Pewter Gray-VY DK DMC 3860 Cocoa

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