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Hello dear cross stitch enthiusiasts. Welcome to our newest website where we focus on free artistic cross stitch designs. Yeah, that's right! We are giving off all our xstitch designs completely for free, no obligations whatsoever. You can download and stitch as many designs as you like absolutely for free. If you would like to help keep this site free, and us putting up more patterns periodiaclly, there is one simple thing you can do; just buy your cross stitch supplies from our sponsors, which are shown on various ads on this website.

This website is laid out by artists, which you can find on the right hand side. When displaying each artist, you can usually go deeper into the menus by selecting the Forward and Back buttons, found at the bottom of each index. Once you find out your favourite painting, you can then select it to view the cross stitch pattern and the related DMC information. From there just print out the page. We are publishing a rather zoomed-in pattern, but if you want, you can always take the patterns to your local photocopying service shop and enlarge them as much as you like. You can find more information here on how to print your patterns.

Free cross stitch patterns

Nothing more, nothing less! From botticelli artistic cross stitch to George Stubbs pet cross stitch feel free to download as many cross stitch patterns as you need. If you want cross stitch designs and simple cross stitch patterns, we encourage you to visit our sister site, which can be found at free cross stitch There you can find simple patterns, embroidery designs and also more artistic cross stitch patterns. Make sure you visit us again as we are in the process of adding more fantastic free cross stitch designs periodically.

Download for your favourite pattern.

Make sure that you get your favourite pattern and start off stitching away as soon as possible. You will find both the pattern and the DMC code in each pattern in this website, and taht is completely for free. As a token of your appreciation, we would be grateful if you could check out our sponsor ads that are included in this website.

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